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  • 空壓機排氣量下降了怎么辦

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    1 空壓機排氣壓力沒有達到額定效果;以通俗易懂的語言來解釋,即機器未能滿足工廠最低用氣需求。如何來檢查是否滿足了最低用氣?歐能優售后部的嚴工在為用戶的儲氣罐做類似檢查的時候,曾使用這樣一種方法:將儲氣罐后的閥門封死,如果機器出現壓力迅速上升,再解開閥門,壓力又回去,基本可證明該型號不能滿足最低用氣需求。


    2 由機器方面導致的故障(機器排氣量下降),主要是幾個原因造成的:(1)保養不充分,適當加油、更換空濾等配件;(2)機器傳送皮帶松弛,導致排氣量縮減; (3)不是所有的進氣閥都能打開;(4)機子電機發生電路短路或由于老化造成磨損。(5)處于水蒸氣較多的潮濕環境中,機器處理多余水分的能力不夠,排氣量在這種環境中出現下降。


    As we all know, the motor of air compressor is an important factor to determine the working efficiency of air compressor. As an example, the Drea permanent magnet frequency converter mentioned in previous astronomical chapters, because Drea is equipped with a permanent magnet motor, compared with the power frequency machine, the machine runs more efficiently. Similarly, due to the fluctuation of motor power, the exhaust volume of the machine will also change. Sometimes, the exhaust volume will appear "insufficient" situation, today for everyone to talk about the machine exhaust volume decline in several reasons.

    1. The exhaust pressure of the air compressor does not reach the rated effect; to explain in plain language, that is, the machine fails to meet the minimum gas demand of the factory. How to check whether the minimum gas consumption is met? When Euro's rigorous worker at the back of the sales department made similar checks for users'gas storage tanks, he used such a method: seal the valve behind the gas storage tank, if the pressure of the machine rises rapidly, then unlock the valve, and the pressure goes back, it can basically prove that the model can not meet the minimum gas demand.

    Solution: Increase the number of air compressors, the specific number and type depend on the situation;

    Faults caused by machine (decrease of exhaust volume) are mainly caused by several reasons: (1) insufficient maintenance, proper refueling, replacement of air filter and other accessories; (2) looseness of conveyor belt of machine, resulting in reduction of exhaust volume; (3) not all intake valves can be opened; (4) short circuit of motor circuit or wear due to aging. (5) In the humid environment with more water vapor, the ability of the machine to deal with excess water is not enough, and the exhaust volume decreases in this environment.

    There are various reasons for the reduction of exhaust volume. In the daily use process, these are the most common situations we encounter.


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