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  • 空壓機油常見問題詳解!

    2018-10-23 11:29:50      點擊:

    Air compressor oil is essential to ensure the normal operation of air compressor, so we should also have a certain understanding of air compressor oil. So what are the common problems of air compressor oil?


    1. Cementing: The base oil of air compressor oil is not good, and there are many impurities of ash in it. This kind of material is very easy to oxidize. Through the oxidation reaction of high temperature and air, it forms tar-like sludge, which causes the head of air compressor to lock up in serious cases. The general precursor of cementing is that compressed air smells and the running current of air compressor is high.


    2. Carbon deposition: Under the high temperature operation of air compressor, especially after exceeding 95 degrees, the light oil restructuring branch is separated. After oxidation, the oil is adsorbed on the surface of components like lacquer, which will block the oil separator, cause the oil seal to wear and leak, and shorten the service life of bearings.


    3. Oil emulsification: Air compressor operates at low temperature for a long time, water in the machine can not evaporate in time, and oil-water mixture emulsifies milk-like liquid.


    4. Higher oil content at air outlet: poor oil-gas separation and more hydride in base oil make it difficult to separate from compressed air.


    5. Abnormal color of used oil: Usually, the color of oil will turn dark red or black, but if the color of purple indicates that the oil additive is not used properly, it is recommended to replace the oil in time.

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